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AMC Migration and Education is a professional migration & education agency with its head office based in Hobart, Tasmania.


All of our founders are registered migration agents listed on the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), and they possess extensive experience in handling education and migration cases. 


Meanwhile, all of our education consultants have obtained professional education agent qualifications (QEAC). They also undertake regular professional development training.


We have long-term cooperation with the local government and many educational institutions to obtain the latest immigration information and obtain abundant educational resources.


Within a few months of operation, due to our ongoing efforts, AMC has been rated as the top three immigration agencies in Hobart by ThreeBestRated, earning a high reputation in the market.


We have been proud to provide high-quality services to clients from various countries and regions, such as China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.


We are specialised with visa services for 500 Student visa, 190 Skilled Nominated visa, 820/801 Partner visa, 491 Skilled Work Regional visa, 408 Temporary Activity visa.


AMC's clients will be provided with the most optimised, professional advice and services tailored to their specific situations. We are fully committed to maximising the chance of Australian visas being granted. To achieve such a mission, we promise that each visa application is reviewed carefully and lodged by one of our professional registered migration agents. 


Our corporate's slogan is: "Never compromise! Be a conqueror of fate!".

               Our  Counselors (TAS)

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Directing Manager


Mobile:+61 420 700 399

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QEAC Registered Agent


Mobile:+61 411 756 817

Wechat: amcz887


​QEAC Registered Agent

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QEAC Registered Agent


Mobile:+61 413 859 604

Wechat: AMC-TAS


Mobile:+61 413 412 996

Wechat: amcassistant

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QEAC Registered Agent


Mobile:+61 481 352 968

Wechat: AMC-TAS190

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QEAC Registered Agent


Mobile:+61 415 068 228 

Wechat: AMC-TAS3

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Directing Manager


Mobile:+61 406 786 758

Registered Migration Agent

Marketing Officer


Mobile:+61 401 868 176


Mobile:+61 412 435 173

       Our  Counselors (Melbourne)

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QEAC Registered Agent


Mobile:+61 457 233 296