QEAC Registered Agent


Mobile:+61 416714356

Wechat: AMC-TAS4

Jenna got her bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Ocean University and completed her master's study from UTAS. She is an expert in applying for state nominated visas, such as 190 visa and 491 visa. She has also specialized in student visa application and renewal as well as the guidance of Australian study and transfer.

During her AMC work at AMC, she has successfully handled more than 100 cases of various visas, including some hard nuts to crack. Although visa applications are complicated, Jenna can always effectively assist clients in collecting and sorting their materials. More importantly, on the challenging migration journey, Jenna fully understands her clients' anxiety and helplessness and provides psychological support and encouragement to them. As a qualified registered agent, Jenna always tries her best to help clients swiping away all the barriers on their migration road and stand together with them being the conqueror of fate.


+61 402 439 578

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