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Australia's Education

Australia's higher education is one of the most developed globally, with world-class teaching facilities and professionally trained educators. It provides international students with comprehensive training to maximise their learning outcomes. As part of a diverse community, every international student will achieve personal growth and be supported to become the best version of themselves. Studying in Australia provides students with unique and exciting life experiences. You can also join a group of international students whose lives have changed due to studying in Australia.

Tasmania Education

As an Australia's state, Tasmania also has a world-class education consistent with the rest of the nation. The state also possesses a safe living environment which is perfect for studying. The University of Tasmania (UTAS) has a good reputation as a university in the top 2% of universities worldwide. UTAS was established in 1890 and is one of Australia's four major historical schools and a member of the famous "Sandstone Universities" in Australia. It has more than 30,000 students and the most modern teaching facilities and equipment. UTAS is regarded as one of the best overseas students' choices for its high level of education and research, reasonable tuition fees, beautiful campus, and harmonious living environment. The university has a total of 8 colleges and 5 major research institutes, which are the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics (TSBE), the School of Education, the School of Medicine, the School of Law, and the School of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), College of Arts, Australian Maritime College (AMC), Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA), Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), Menzies Institute for Medical Research of UTAS (Menzies), Centre for Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences (CODES), The Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITLab), and Asia Institute Tasmania. Among them, the following majors attract the highest number of applicants and rank among the best in the Australian academic community:

  • Tourism Management and Public Management in TSBE

  • Music and Graphic Design in the School of Art

  • Computer Science in SET, and Medicine in the School of Medicine


In addition, Tasmania also has TasTAFE and other private education providers. The quality of Tasmania's high schools is also world-leading. The state is welcoming an unprecedented number of international students from interstate and overseas as its high-quality education system becomes more recognised worldwide. 


Australia Migration

Australia is considered to be one of the world's major 'immigration nations' (together with New Zealand, Canada, and the USA). The Australian immigration population was estimated to be 28.2 per cent of the population in June 2015, which is considered high compared to most other OECD countries. It attracts immigrants from various countries due to high living standards, social welfare, relaxed immigration policies, and world-class educational systems.

Tasmania Migration

Whether it is skilled migration or business investment migration, the Tasmanian State Government can be regarded as one of the most lenient Australian state governments. At the same time, Tasmania has a beautiful environment and simple and honest folk customs. It is the only island state in the Commonwealth of Australia, 240 kilometres south of Victoria and separated by the Bass Strait. Tasmania consists of various islands, mainly including the main island of Tasmania, Bruny Island, King Island, Flinders Island, Macquarie Island, and many small coastal islands. This is why it is known as the "Natural State," "the Apple Isle" and the "Holiday Isle." Every year, Tasmania's beauty and immigration promotion policies attract many people from all over the world to settle here.

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