Directing Manager

Email: Ricky.Lei@amcmigration.com.au

Mobile:+61 420700399 

Wechat: rickylei15

Ricky graduated from Shanghai Ocean University with a bachelor's degree and from the University of Tasmania with a master’s degree. Since then, he has worked in different professions. In order to help students who are willing to learn English and hope to study abroad realize their dreams, he established AMC education and migration in 2019.


As for the slogan "Be a Conqueror of fate", Ricky not only practices the work of studying abroad and migration but also realises it in all aspects of life. Under his appeal, every registered agent of AMC exerts wisdom and hard work to strive to be the industry benchmark with practical actions, reach the height that peers look up to and admire, and obtain an unsurpassable and irreplaceable status in the industry.


Ricky hopes that we can all hold onto the initiative in life and be the conquerors of our fates.


+61 402 439 578

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