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​QEAC Registered Agent


Mobile: 0413 859 604



Hannah studied law and has obtained a lawyer qualification. She is excellent at analysing the latest legal policies and helping clients avoid risks when applying for visas for education, immigration, and employment purposes. She has been engaged in the education and migration industry for many years and has accumulated many successful cases. She is also familiar with the information about different courses and schools. Hannah is skilled in applying for student visas, as she knows well about various countries' immigration policies. Therefore, she can give professional guidance and assistance to her clients. With her dedicated effort, Hannah has successfully helped many clients realise their dreams of studying at their ideal schools and immigrating to Australia. Her strong sense of responsibility, efficient execution, and meticulous work attitude has won unanimous praise from her peers and customers.  As a result, she has gained a good reputation in the industry and become a well-known agent through word-of-mouth.

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