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​QEAC Registered Agent


Mobile: 0481 352 968

William’s major social title including The Executive Chairman of the Hubei Provincial Students' Federation, China. The Committee of the Australian Multicultural Council (TAS), Australia. William holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hubei University in China and a Master of Professional Accounting degree from the University of Tasmania. William used to be an experienced politics teacher in the high school and later worked in the Department of Youth Affairs, Hubei province, for many years. William also holds the National Certificate of Level 3 Psychological Consultant. Therefore, with his working experience in Education, Government and Psychology, William is always able to help clients make the most appropriate education and migration plan and advice based on their actual background. Since he started his career as a Migration & Education Consultant, William has successfully helped many students to apply for the ideal Australian college & university and get permanent residence (PR). His tenet is: clients, always in my heart.

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